Wooden foundation reinforcement and sealing

When to Consider Foundation Stabilization

Over time, your home’s foundation can deteriorate and start to become unstable. We all want a long-lasting foundation but with time comes wear and tear. We have compiled a few situations in which you should consider hiring a professional to help stabilize your foundation.

Uneven Floors

Wooden foundation reinforcement and sealing

A clear sign that your foundation needs evaluation is if you start to notice uneven floors in your home. Over time, your foundation will deteriorate causing the levels of your home to become uneven. Obviously, this is alarming and should be monitored. If you are noticing dips in your floors, consider getting your home’s foundation checked out.

Ceiling Cracks

If you start to notice ceiling cracks, it can be alarming. A lot of the time, the main culprit of this is an unstable foundation. A foundation that is not stable can cause your ceilings to start caving in slightly which will cause cracks in the ceiling. If you are noticing this in your home, get your house’s foundation checked out.

Foundation Walls Starting to Bow Inward

An easy notification that your foundation is unstable is if your foundation walls are bowed inward. In this case, over time your foundation walls have become unsteady and are losing the ability to hold your structure steady. If this is present in your home, get ahold of a professional to come take a look.

Wooden foundation reinforcement and sealing

Space Between Porch & House

If your foundation becomes unstable, it starts to create space between your porches and your home. While deteriorating over time, your foundation can start to lean inward causing a separation from porches or chimneys. If you are witnessing this, get your foundation checked out.


If you start notice any of these occurrences in your home, it may be a sign to get your foundation checked. Over time, a foundation can weaken causing your home to become uneven. This can be scary

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