Landscaping & Construction In North Dakota

Serving Minot & Surrounding Areas Since 1997

Green Brothers Landscaping & Construction has proudly served Minot and its surrounding rural communities for over 25 years. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as one of the best landscaping and construction companies in North Dakota.

If you are looking for expert construction, concrete or recycled asphalt services, commercial snow removal, water or sewer work, or other land work, you can contact us anytime for assistance.

Expert Landscaping in North Dakota

Our landscaping services center on the construction of concrete pads and retaining walls. Retaining walls help protect your property against soil erosion while enhancing the outdoor atmosphere of your yard.

Concrete pads can be customized for various uses, including custom patio construction, pathways, or a foundation for a future outdoor kitchen or shed. You can count on us to develop a personalized solution.

We gladly welcome projects of all types and sizes, whether you are looking to level your yard and construct a peaceful garden or need help with commercial or industrial concrete pads.

Reach out to us to learn more and speak with an expert.

Expert Excavation, Demolition, and Construction for All Your Needs

The hardworking crew at Green Brothers Landscaping & Construction has the experience and tools to complete any job you can think of. From commercial snow removal that keeps Minot’s roads safe to site development for a variety of building projects, our commitment to quality has helped thousands of customers over the years.

From developing the site to demolishing it, we do it all. We also replace water lines, fire hydrants, and grate valves. Driveways made of gravel and recycled asphalt are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing additions to any property.

We are also constantly on the lookout for new jobs relating to concrete, recycled asphalt, and gravel work. Get in touch with us if you need a professional for any road, driveway, culvert, or concrete pad project.

To get started, please contact us at 701-852-6135.

Trained Professionals on Every Job

Every task is an opportunity for us to prove ourselves by providing exceptional service. Everyone on our team is highly qualified and experienced in their area of expertise. Our number one goal is to make sure our customers are happy. We take time to understand every client’s needs so we can meet their high standards.

Our company is honored to be among the top landscaping and construction companies in North Dakota because of our meticulous attention to detail, unyielding dedication to quality, and devotion to customer care.

North Dakota Landscaping & Construction by Experts

You can rely on Green Brothers Landscaping & Construction in Minot, ND, for all your needs. Reach out to us today at 701-852-6135 or send us a message to request information.